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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trio-11 has been released!

Whether you want to fish, dive or spend some quality time with the family, the multifunctional Trio-11 has it all. First of its kind and patent pending, this kayak seats three comfortably and still offers mass storage space, excellent stability, and the texturized finish you’ve come to expect from any Malibu.

The unique front and rear molded seats have a comfortable feel to ensure a smooth ride with your kids. At 11ft and 48lbs it will be a breeze to transport the Trio-11 to your family’s favorite spot. With a beam of 33’’ that remains consistent throughout, it is one of the most stable kayaks on the market. No more wasted summers sitting in front of the television, this is your opportunity to pack up the family for some outdoor adventures!

Whether you want to teach the kids how to fish or just get them out of the house, it has never been more affordable for the whole family to participate in an activity with endless possibilities. Having a larger family doesn't mean you have to sacrifice making long lasting memories. Mom and dad can both get exactly what they want from the Trio-11 without having to purchase multiple kayaks for different activities. It can be passed down from generation to generation to continue the family fun.

Let the Trio-11 create not only years of enjoyment, but a lifetime of fond memories!

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