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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mirth Monday:Hillbilly Deputy Sheriff

One day a hillbilly walks into a police station because he wants to get a job as a deputy, which he's wanted to be his whole life. So he goes over to the sheriff's desk and says to the sheriff, 'I'm here to be a deputy.'

The sheriff then asks him, 'What are two days of the week that begin with 'T'?'The sheriff laughs and says, 'Well let's see if you're qualified, son. The sheriff asks him a question and the hillbilly gives him an answer. The sheriff says, 'Close enough.'
'Today and tomorrow,' says the hillbilly.
'Not what I was looking for but I'll give it to ya,' says the sheriff.
'Who shot Abraham Lincoln?' the sheriff asks.
The hillbilly just stands there with a blank look on his face.
'Why don't you go home, think about it and come back tomorrow,' the sheriff says to the hillbilly.
So the hillbilly goes home and his wife says to him, 'So sweetpea, did you get the job?'
'I think so, they've already put me on a murder case. 

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