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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mirth Monday: Red neck Computer References

1.   Log on: when you want to make the homestead warmer.
2.   Log off: Timberrrrrrrrrrrr.
3.   Mega Hertz: when you not careful getting the firewood.
4.   Lap top: where the cat sleeps.
5.   Hard drive: manoeuvring thought those rocky fields on the northern range when there is snow in the ground.
6.   Windows: what to shut when it's cold outside.
7.   Byte: what mosquitoes do.
8.   Modem: what I did to the hay fields.
9.   Keyboard: where the keys hang.
10.        Mouse: critters that eat the grain in the barn.

Not forgetting RAM [Random Access Memory]: when you can't remember anything at all from earlier.

You may be able to add to this list - if so, please send your funnies to us.

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