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Monday, November 4, 2013

HERE'S ROUND 2! These are the next top 5 to be entered into the top entries.

Here are the next top 5 entries for #MaliBOOkayaks Halloween contest!
 Congratulations, you're all in the running for the limited edition Mini-X in the Halloween camo. 
The winner will be announced at 6pm today! Stay tuned!
(No order)

FB user: Eddie Falch captures the Grim Reaper on a MaliBOO...we wonder if his scythe helps him catch a lot of fish.

Coming in from instagram @80sbutcher shows us how he got around town when his streets were flooded after a zombie apocalypse.

Darcy Reaver from Facebook shows us all how to go all out when putting together a costume. 

This bone chilling submittion was emailed to us from Laurie Powell. 
We loved her amazing pumpkin carving skills. 

Mike Tunstall on fb submitted this picture of his daughter paddling on Camp Crystal Lake. D:

BONUS POST! This was also submitted by the Falch family. 
We thought it was too good not to show off and post. :)

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