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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kayaks – A Message to First Time Buyers

If you’re considering kayaks, thinking about your very first kayak purchase, are curious about the sports of kayaking or kayak fishing, and still wonder if kayaks are right for you, then read on adventurer!
Many communities here in the US and around the world are close to bodies of water open to the public for recreation. If you own a boat, you already know this. What you might not realize is you may not be able to enjoy all the aspects of your local aquatic playground. In other words, you’re not experiencing the water “up-close.”

If there is a stream littered with rocks that runs across a valley between mountains, would you navigate your motorboat through it? Or what about a fishing hole at the end of a very narrow river? Would you put a large boat or even a very long, heavy canoe through the task? Of course not!
If you own a kayak, you can access these hard-to-reach places like dental floss to a back molar. Plus, there’s no need to worry about fuel, hauling a large boat, finding a launch, paying launch fees, and other secondary costs associated with boat ownership, such as watercraft insurance.
Sit on top kayaks and sit-ins get you through the tight spots and closer to the water than motorboats, canoes, or rafts. They’re lightweight and most models are easy to maneuver even for beginners. From our fish & dive models for hardcore enthusiasts to our recreational packages for weekend warriors and standard packages for curious beginners, there is a kayak for your desired outings. You’ll have all the conveniences of storage space for food, water, and fishing gear. And almost anyone can carry a kayak to and from the water alone or with the aid of a fellow paddler.
Malibu Kayaks provides kayak models for nearly every type of recreational or fishing activity you can handle for just about every body of water. Need a wading caddy for skinny waters? The Mini-X is light and easy to handle and transport. Want to conquer the waves? Consider one of our longer, more robust models, like the X-13the Stealth-14, or the X-Factor. Are you a lake or calm river person? One of our mid-sized models may work for you.
You know your waters. You want a kayak. You’ve checked out our models, talked to friends, and want to experience a Malibu Kayak for yourself. What’s the next step? Have one of our local dealers guide you through the process and fit you into a kayak that’s just right for you. Get started by contacting your nearest Malibu Kayaks dealer. Or, call us and we can help you find the dealer nearest you.

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