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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fishing Kayak or Motorboat: The Angler's Dilemma

So which is it???
If you love to fish (duh) and find yourself wanting to venture past the shore or the dock, you need a fishing vessel. Sure, there are a variety of choices out there, but for simplicity's sake, let's narrow them down to two main options: a fishing kayak or a motorboat.  When it comes to convenience and ease of stealth fishing, the kayak wins hands down.  Now how do you convince your dock fishing brother-in-law - let's call him Bubba - to be the next convert into the growing sport of kayak fishing?
Sometimes convenience is king: and a 12 or 14 foot plastic boat that needs little maintenance and is easier to store is going to work better for a lot of anglers than a 26 foot boat that requires both body and motor maintenance -- not to mention a boat slip or storage location, which could set an angler back a hefty monthly fee.

A Typical Day for a Boater 
Consider this scenario: you get up early to start your day on the water.  You stretch, you yawn, nobody is nagging, nobody is mowing their lawn at some obscene hour...
...we digress.
You head out to the side of the garage to start manipulating your trailer so that you can attach it to your vehicle. You may need some help making sure that you don’t hit anything and so that you can line everything up properly. You attach the trailer, fasten it and then pull out enough to pack the boat.
You head to the nearest landing area and wait your turn to put your boat in the water. You need some help with this as well so that nothing goes wrong, like your vehicle getting stuck in the water or your motorboat hull getting scratched at the bottom. You get the boat into the water, you park your vehicle and you head out. But wait... did you remember to put fuel in your motorboat's fuel tank?  If not, you may need to get that done at a nearby marina, likely costing you much more than your local gasoline station.  At that point, you can enjoy your day until it’s time to deal with this entire process in reverse when the day is over.
A Typical Day for a Kayak Angler
Now here's another scenario: you sleep in, you have a great breakfast, still no nagging or noisy neighbors... you grab your kayak, strap it carefully to the roof of your vehicle, put your rods and milkcrate chock full of fishing supplies in your car (and the occasional beer...for energy...) and you head to the water. You don’t need to use a landing, only a place to park your vehicle, and you walk into the water to get moving.  You spend your day paddling, even getting some exercise, and you enjoy fishing, reaching some of the hottest spots without worrying about getting grounded.
When your day is complete, you row to shore, pack your supplies back into your car and strap the kayak to your roof. You drive home, empty the supplies and perhaps the fish you've caught (the cunning kayak angler, providing dinner for his family), unstrap your kayak and put it away. You've just finished a day on the water doing what you wanted to do without incurring any real expense and without encountering any real delays.
More than Convenience: Passion
Doesn't the second scenario sound like a more pleasant day on the water?  Ok, so maybe we're a little biased...even so, the kayak anglers and paddlers we speak to every day have a variety of other reasons as to why they paddle. Why do you choose to fish out of a kayak as opposed to a motorboat?  Comment and let us know!  

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